1970, Samedan Switzerland


Primary School , Boarding School in Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz with focus on economics

Languages: German, English, Italian, French



Career as professional snowboarder.

Top results:

  1. Worldcup winner halfpipe,

  2. Vice Worldchampion Halfpipe

  3. Swiss Champion

  4. European Champion Halfpipe,

  5. Winner of the first Air and Style big Air   event, Innsbruck.

During the sporting career:

Involvement in Marekting and Design in 4 sporting good companies,

designed my own snowboard boot line, own snowboard line, own clothing line for Bogner.

Got involved with Willy Bogner and was acting in several cinema movies as a snwoboarder, got involved into production of two feature films and one IMAX movie.

Became part of Willy Bogners Marketing team and was in charge of Film and web content for the Bogner fashion brand.

Producing several shows, 3D Movies, etc.


Organizer of the worlds biggest indoor snowboard event in Tokyo Dome.


The best snowboarders in the world competed in front of 70 000 spectators in an indoor snowboard jump contest. The event was held 8 years in a row. Cooperation with

Hidemi Arasaki & National TV in Japan, NTV.


Co founder and President of the TTR world snowboard Tour.

Today the TTR world snowboard tour is the biggest and most important snowboard tour worldwide, consisting of 350 events and 6000 snowboarders.


Producer and project leader of Willy Bogners Rot-Vision project.

A multimedia project which involves robot technology on plasma screens. The system was timecode based, adapted to the content on the screen.

Technology provider: GTG, D.Steinbichler


Producer for Steve Wynns casino 80m tall LED marquee in Las Vegas.

Produced image Clips of  12 restaurants, the „Le Reve“ show by Franco Dragone, the casino and night clubs and an art gallery.

The marquee was built on a similar timecode based system as the Bogner Rot Vision project. 3D animated characters are moving with the motion mechanical cuff.


Producer of the ski images for the Sochi olympic bid movie

under direction of Willy Bogner.

Sochi was awarded the olympic games.

see video


Producer/Director for a new series of Image trailers for St.Moritz

Director/Producer for many St.Moritz / Engadin valley summer and winter moodfilms, for web, presentation etc.

2010 - 2011

Head of Film and Presentations for the 2018 Munich Olympic bid.

Produced 9 big image movies and over 280 smaller movies and reedits for presentation and TV.

Including the creation of a completely interactive  3D world  of the whole bid with all venues and

buildings, in stereoscopic technology.

Built all presentations for 12 IOC presentations, including all movie parts and charts.

2002- 2011+

Head of Digital Media and creation of an inhouse internet based TV stream for the Bogner company

Producer, director, camera and editor for Willy Bogners Inhouse TV project, Bogner Vision. Feeding web, pos, tradeshows, presentations, TV etc. with moving images of the newest colletions, over 400 Videoclips produced.

Building the base for an efficient inhouse video production workflow.



Produced, directed and filmed the bid movies for the Munich X-Games bid and an image movie for the German race car series DTM for the Munich Olympic park.


Circus Krone

Production of a Circus Krone

Image movie about the winter 2012


Bogner Vision Show Düsseldorf

Xtrail Jam in Tokyo Dome

Northwave Apollo boot,

Designer Maurizio Molin

Air and Style Innsbruck

The Wynn Hotel and Resort, Las Vegas